Road Safety

Either way it’s 20k Campaign

Pearsons are incredibly proud to be part of this campaign. From the Report:

The aim of the Ashburton School Bus Trial was to develop measures that will reduce vehicle speeds near school buses that are picking up or dropping off children, reflecting the current speed limit of 20 km/h. This was done by improving driver knowledge of the speed limit and raising their situational awareness, through improved education, signage, and enforcement.


The trial ran from May 2013 to April 2014 and consisted of three stages;

  • Stage 1: Awareness Campaign – increase the knowledge of the legal speed limit past a school bus that has stopped to pick up or drop off children.
  • Stage 2: Speed limit signs – install 20km/h LED signs on a school bus fleet of 30 buses.
  • Stage 3: Enforcement – targeted enforcement of the legal speed limit past a school bus that has stopped to pick up or drop off children.


The stages of the trial were delivered cumulatively with stage one (awareness campaign) underpinning the final two stages. To evaluate the effectiveness of the trial, data was collected through a number of methods, including a pre and post perception surveys, speed data and field study data analysis.

The following recommendations follow the outcomes from this trial:

  1. Further use of the 20km/h LED signs on school buses is suggested, with consideration given to the relatively greater effectiveness of the larger signs
  2. Awareness campaigns and appropriate supporting enforcement should support the use of 20km/h LED signs on school buses
  3. Further work is needed to develop sign specifications and operating systems, taking into account that:
    • All signs need to be as large as possible without interfering with the functions of the bus and the bus driver’s vision
    • Perpendicular signs mounted outside the bus are the most visible
    • The signs need to be easily hidden or made inoperable when buses are used for purposes other than school travel
    • Complimentary warning systems such as the advanced use of hazard lights also have an important part to play in ensuring a workable solution
  4. Particular consideration should be given to school bus stops, ensuring adequate sight distance where the speed limit signs are to be operated.




The success of the Ashburton 20 km/h School Bus sign trial implementation was in many ways due to widespread community support and engagement. The Ashburton community (particularly Pearsons Coachlines and Rural Women NZ) were very engaged throughout the duration of the trial and the time and commitment given was invaluable. This is a reflection of how important school bus safety is to rural communities in New Zealand and it has been continually reinforced that not a single school bus child fatality is acceptable.