It is always great to hear client feedback, especially when we have been able to deliver everything they need to enjoy their ride!


I am a student that attends Ashburton College, and I attended the Biology trip to Dunedin on the 29th of May.

On that trip, we used Pearsons Coachlines as our transport to and around Dunedin. The driver with us was a young man named Josh. I wish to bring to your attention how amazing Josh was on the trip. The first thing that amazed me was how kind he was. He greeted us with the biggest smile I have ever seen someone have at 5am. Then he allowed us to sleep while he drove for 4 hours to Dunedin, where he drove skillfully around the most dodgy looking path I have ever seen anyone successfully drive a bus around. He is a very talented driver. This wasn’t the best part about what Josh did though. We had 2 members of staff with us, but Josh stepped up and helped lead us. He volunteered to help with the cooking and cleaning and even got his hands wet with the dishes. This was never asked of him but he decided to do it anyway and I respect him heavily for it. He made life a lot easier for the teaching staff with us and I feel like the trip would not have run as smoothly as it did without Josh helping out.

I felt like I needed to share how one of your drivers amazed us all with his kind heart, warming smile, friendly character, culinary skills and above all, his willingness to do much more than what was required of him. He is an amazing person and I am glad he came on the trip with us. The trip would not have been the same and it would have been much more difficult if he did not volunteer when he did not need to.


Yours sincerely,

Jacob Greaney.

Murray and Jason: You were the best. The Lower North Island thought Murray was the best and the Upper North Island though Jason was the best.

Travelling on snow and ice and strong gusts of winds, with chains and without chains, we felt 100% safe the whole time in your bus. You both have an awesome sense of humour and understood the special requirements of our teams.

Thank you for fitting into our family and keeping us safe regardless of where we asked you to drive us. Until next time we visit your region; safe travels.

Helen Johnson

Snow Sports Coordinator Special Olympics LNI

The Upper North Island Special Olympics skiing and snowboarding team of athletes and volunteers have been contracting Pearson Coachlines for a number of years now to transport us to and from airports and ski fields in the Queenstown Wanaka area.

We found the coaches to be very comfortable, safe, reliable and warm. The Pearson team were very obliging, understanding and helpful towards our Special Olympic athletes. Jason was fantastic, extremely patient, organised. He coordinated all our packing of the coaches. He was very interested in all of our athletes and chatted with them often. He developed a very friendly rapport with all of our Special Olympic athletes and volunteers.

Thanks for looking after us on our snow camps. Would highly recommend Pearsons and we will be using them again next year.

Rodney Penney
Upper North Island
Snow Sports Committee